Sunday, 26 April 2009

Hélène Loussier - The HAT Serie

Hélène Loussier is a french artist. Her work combines precise China ink drawings with random watercolor abstact shapes, that seems coming out of fantastic tales...

© Hélène Loussier- Hat #1 (73 x 55 cm)

She has recently realized different series (petites plages, ciels, pylônes, chapeaux...). I've chosen to present here (3 extracts of) the Chapeaux/Hats serie's theme, where women's portrait are crefted by brush's vivid colors.

© Hélène Loussier - Hat #5 (53 x 73 cm)

Her next exhibition "L'art me LIVRE de l'aventure" will happen in the Paris area, end Arpil / early May (more details can be found on her website).

© Hélène Loussier - Hat #4 (57 x 77 cm)

Some Hélène Loussier's paintings (including the ones above) can also be purchased on-line at MondapArt.