Sunday, 29 May 2011

BABE 2011

Few weeks ago, we went to the new edition of the Bristol Artists Book Event (BABE). Spread over all Arnolfini's floors, more than 80 international artists bookmakers, dealer and small presses presented traditionallly made hand-produced books as well as new format of publishing from luxurious one-off books to zines. Artists use many methods to produce these books, from screenprint, letterpress, etching, litho and woodcut to more modern techniques.

Havn't resisted to this Korean mini books pack from 8 different artists found at Francis Van Maele's shop (Red Fox press with many books available, also from Antic-Ham), and this handmade sketchbook by Owl&Lion from Edinburgh.

Photos Grey Lemon

PS: Talking about books, the Hay Book Festival is happening this weekend (until the 5th of June) in Hay-On-Wye (Wales).

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Team extension!

Few weeks ago, a new Grey Lemon collaborator is born!!

I did not plan to be away (well from the blog) that much... I'd like to thank you for the messages I've received and for still visiting during this break.

More coming soon!!