Sunday, 6 October 2013

Pictures from Italy

Suivre les pas de Dickens au travers d’un périple qui nous mène de France jusqu’en Italie. Découvrir ou redécouvrir Gènes, Vérone, Sienne , Milan… toutes ces villes mythiques jusqu’au golfe de Naples, Capri… le tout magnifiquement illustré par l’artiste italienne Livia Signorini.

Une rencontre assez inattendue, très réussie. J’ai adoré ses collages, assez differents de ceux de Blake même si on retrouve quelques similitudes, notamment dans la collection de documents anciens, j’ai beaucoup aimé son approche et le traitement qu’elle donne.

«More than illustrating “Pictures from Italy” my project was more in the nature of a dialogue with the text of Charles Dickens, a contemporary Italian’s artist engagement with the places and themes he touches on. Collage is one of my mediums, and I have tried to create images that resonate from his words, include details he mentioned, but are layered with my own associations of place, time and travel.» Livia Signorini

Pictures from Italy - Illustrations by Livia Signorini

«My search for the elements to assemble took me to every possible place: antique booksellers, collectors, attics…I took down dusty books, maps, postcards and old photographs… so my resulting images of travel, are, in the end, maps of the imagination, fed by the words and vision of this great 19th century writer.» Livia Signorini

Une superbe invitation au voyage.

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Mlle Paradis said...

lovely post! i'm dreaming of a voyage to italy too. this reminds me why.